Work Injuries

Work injuries are a common and serious concern. Nearly three million nonfatal work-related accidents are reported to the federal government each year, and nearly half of those require the injured employee to miss at least one day of work. If you’ve been injured on the job, Arlington work injury lawyer David Williams can help. An accident on the job often leads to lost wages, medical bills, and other financial issues you may need to deal with, even after you get back to work.

Furthermore, recovering compensation can be complex business. It’s often not a matter of taking a sick day and hoping for the best. Much depends not just on the nature of your work injury, but how it happened.

The workers’ comp system today is unfairly slanted against the worker and almost never provides fair compensation. However, if you work for a “non-subscriber (Your employer does not carry Workers’ Comp Insurance),” if a third party was at least partially responsible for your accident, or if you have a tragic situation where a loved one was killed by grossly negligent activity, you will have the opportunity to get out of the workers’ comp system and seek full compensation. In any of these situations, the employer will fight hard, and you will need an experienced lawyer to walk you through this complicated process. Give David  a call today for a no-cost, no-obligation review of your case.

Arlington Attorney David E. Williams, II

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